Stacy Keibler

Her theme music in the WWE was ‘Legs’ by ZZ Top, and boy did she ever deserve to walk down the aisle to that song. She had the legs, as ACDC’s front man Bon Scott once sang, “to make a strong man weak, and a heathen pray,” and she knew exactly how to flaunt herself for captivated audiences all around the world.

She was never the best wrestler, but the way she applied herself to the job was very admirable, and her work paid off, as she got better as time went on. Her whole attitude was what made her alluring, which is the case for a lot of women in the list, as she combined a fun-loving party girl atmosphere with a toughness that suggested she meant business.

She didn’t take any s*it from anyone, and along with everything else, that is what we found so alluring.

Her sex appeal brought a lot of eyes to the WWE product, but it also attracted the attention of Hollywood, as she dated A-lister George Clooney for quite some time.

After her WWE career ended, she went on to appear in TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Psych, and also appeared on Dancing with the Stars – the US adaption of Strictly Come Dancing. During her time on the show, Bruno Tonioli nicknamed her the “Weapon of Mass Seduction” due to her status as a sex symbol.

Now, at 37, she is still working on the small screen and looks better than ever!

Trish Stratus

She was as popular with the men as The Rock was with the ladies (which is saying something), Trish Stratus truly had it all. She was impossibly stunning, had a killer body, had bundles of charisma, confidence for days and a worth ethic, to be as good as she could be, that was rivalled only by the very best in her profession.

She was the premier diva of the Attitude Era, and as the likes of Sable and Sunny paved the way for her success, she picked up the ball and ran like Forrest Gump.

She was the object of all of our desires, but not only that, she was a fantastic wrestler in an age where being a good wrestler was not exactly a top priority to be a WWE diva. She excelled and had great, captivating matches, and not only that, even when she worked as a heel, she knew exactly how to get reactions out of the crowd. She was a true student of the game, and I don’t think anyone has ever looked that good in a wrestling ring.

She retired from wrestling on top, as she won her seventh and final WWE Women’s Championship before immediately vacating it to retire from in-ring action. She’s been a life-long wrestling fan and she deserved to go out in the best way possible.

Now, she runs her own Yoga studio, and remains in the limelight in and out of the wrestling world. At 41 years old, she looks every bit as good as she did back in the Attitude Era, which is saying an awful lot.