Chyna (Died in 2016)

Chyna shattered all the barriers that previously existed within the wrestling industry and despite having a masculine, muscular frame, she was as feminine as they came! There’s something to be said that a woman with that build, that competed and held her own with men who weighed 230 plus lbs, that can still be as womanly as anyone else in the women’s locker room.

As well as that (avert thy eyes children), her Playboy cover shoot was…well, let’s just say ‘wow’. Though she completely shattered the glass ceiling, she still had her troubles and struggled to keep her demons in check. After numerous drug issues and law issues, she tragically passed away last year.


In an environment with such relaxed standards like those that existed in the late 90s WWF, Sable was the first female wrestler to showcase her assets to the world, and boy did she ever do so. Who could forget the Fully Loaded PPV with the famous hand-print bra? I can imagine that the Fully Loaded VHS was a pretty good seller for the company.

She left the company under sexual harassment lawsuits but came back in 2003 and was every bit as hot as she was in the 90s. She left the company soon after once again and is now married to former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar. I bet she never worries about the house getting broken into.

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